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About Me

This page is about me.


On this page, I'll introduce myself. I'll talk about  my school,and family, and about my hobbies and interests etc.

They'll be some pictures that represent me as well.

This is a picture of me.

Favorite Films: Moulin Rouge
and Pearl Harbor
Favorite TV Shows: Prison Break
and Lost
Favorite Music: Metal/Punk/Indie/Rock/Alternative/Emo.
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.
Favorite Football Team: Manchester United.
Favorite Food: Pizza.

Favorite Stuff

Some things i like.









A Bit About Me.

My Name is Charlotte Louise Cates.
I am 16 Years Old.
I work with my Granddad Brian.
I live with my Mum, her boyfriend Dan and my sister Beth.
The people i most admire are Natasha, Hannah.L, Lisa and Maja.

I can play some of the piano and have completed Grade One in it. I play the drums and am currently having lessons. I have a drum kit in my room! I am also learning how to play the guitar. I like my music and am usually always listening to it in my spare time. I like reading books as well. I watch Eastenders, Neighbours and Home and Away. Home and Away's my fav out of all of them.I like Lost and Prison Break. There really good action and adventure Tv shows. I like Australia and went their recently in February for my Uncle's wedding. It was really good and hot! Sydney's cool. I like romance films if they're good, and action and horror.   I like football, and i play and watch it in my spare time. I support Manchester United. (The Red Devils!) I like fast food. McDonalds is my favorite. I love my friends. I haven't got very many but that doesn't matter. They're my freinds and they mean a lot to me.

People I Most Admire: Natasha,Hannah.L, Lisa and Maja.